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Star Supporters

Star Supporters 2020-2021

Thank you for donating to Stagecrafters as a Star Supporter. Our stars aren’t only on the stage—they include our loyal supporters who keep Stagecrafters going with their donations.

Baldwin Circle $10,000 & up

Michigan Council for the Arts & Cultural Affairs

Leading Role $2500 - $4900

Bill Glace, In honor of Paulette Petrimoulx & Joe Stout

Director $500 - $999

Richard Sorensen

Benefactor $250 - $499

Barbara & Rodney Keteyian

Patron $100 - $249

Julianne Brown

Anna Ptasznik

Larry & Barbara Stringer

Carol & Ted Wedepohl

Ulaine Schram

Patrick and Sandra Seyferth

Friend up to $99

John Bago

Carol Bradshaw

Penny & Jeff Brasie

Skip Eddy

Barbara Garbutt

Edward & Joyce Kai

Leah Linenfelser

John & Nadine Lychuk

Gwenn Samuel

Rita Smith

Debbie Warner

(This is a list of Star Supporters from January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. This list is periodically updated.)

We apologize if we have forgotten or misspelled your name. Please contact us at 248-541-8027, or email