Theatre & Ticket Policies

Ticket Policy

  • We have adjusted our ticket policy for the 2021-22 Season. We will exchange all tickets when possible. If not possible, we will offer you a refund.
  • Please email or leave a message at 248-541-6430, and we will do our best to honor your requests.
  • If something prevents you from attending during the weekend and you cannot reach someone at the theatre, please contact us the following week, and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.


  • MAIN STAGE & YOUTH THEATRE: After the performance has started, ticketholders will be seated at the discretion of the house manager.
  • 2ND STAGE: Due to the intimacy of the theatre and the proximity of the stage to the seating area, there will be NO LATE SEATING.


  • We consider all Stagecrafters Youth Theatre shows appropriate for children above the age of three, unless otherwise noted. We kindly ask that you leave children under 3 at home.
  • All children must have their own seat. Sorry, no babes in arms.
  • Some productions are NOT suitable for children. Please check the show’s rating, and thoroughly research the show online before purchasing a ticket for your child, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not the show is suitable for your child. You may also call or email us, as noted above.


  • G - General audience
  • PG - Parental guidance. May include some violence, mildly suggestive material, and mild profanity.
  • PG-13 - Parental guidance under 13. May include violence, adult situations, and profanity.
  • M - Mature. May include violence, profanity, sexual situations, drug/alcohol abuse, partial nudity, or mature content.

Photography/Videography: Taking of photos or the use of any recording device during a performance is strictly prohibited.

Cellphones/Electronic Devices: Please silence all cellphones, pagers, and alarms. We request no texting or cellphone use during a performance.

Food, Drink & Smoking: There is no smoking (including e-cigarettes) inside the Baldwin Theatre. There may be herbal or e-cigarettes used on the stage as part of the performance.

Health & Safety: Please check our patron safety protocol on our website.